All staff of the Mediterranean Protection Ltd. is approved by the County of Nice Our agents are all holders of diplomas and certificates required (CQP-APS-HOBO-SSIAP) the exercise of this function,

they are recycled regularly. Our drivers Dog hold a certificate of training and monthly follow a training ground for specific training to obtain a perfect control of their companions.

The selection criteria of our agents are very fussy, they are recruited based on their intellectual capacity (written and read French fluently), physical fitness, stress management, risk management, behavior (respect, politeness holding)

Our staff is supervised by area managers who carry out random checks on sites to s' ensure the proper conduct of missions.

Our staff is fully equipped by us, costumes, holding intervention's safety shoes, flashlight, radio reception system, leash, muzzle, lanyards ... etc. Also some of our agents speak fluent English, Russian, Italian.

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Siège social : Méditérranée Protection Sécurité, 2791 chemin Saint Bernard , 06220 VALLAURIS
TEL/FAX : 06 60 29 12 13 / 09 61 52 01 37 / /
SARL au capital de 1000 euros / RCS ANTIBES 522 229 921 / N° de gestion 2010 B 553 / Agrément: 06 SG609
L’autorisation administrative préalable ne confère aucun caractère officiel à l’entreprise ou aux personnes qui en bénéficient.
Elle n’engage en aucune manière la responsabilité des pouvoirs publics




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