Alarm installation and installation of systémes of alarms and systémes of security cameras, systemes of alarm with or without cable

The Mediterranean protection proposes you a wide range of complétes solutions of videosurveillance(videosupervision) to protect your properties and your houses as well as your premises

Professionals by means of systémes of alarms and systémes of security cameras, our installations are realized by professional technicians

Experimented who will know how to guide you in the choice of your needs. In partnership with the biggest marks of equipment of surveilance electronics


The Mediterranean Protection installs systémes of video surveillance and systémes of alarms at the same time perfected and trés easy to use.

All our alarms are fully qualified teachers NA2P.

The company) the Mediterranean Protection intervenes on the department of Alpes Maritimes (06)

Monaco, Cap d'ail, Eze, Villefranche, Roquebrune Cap Martin, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Villeneuve Loubet, Valbonne , Vallauris,

Saint Paul de Vence, Vence, Grasse, Mougins, Sophia Antipolis, Mandelieu la Napoule, Isola 2000, Auron , La colmiane, Sospel, Tende, Levens, Tourettes sur loup, Pégomas,

Aspremont, Castanier, Colomars,

et dans le Var (83)

Fréjus, Saint tropez, Saint Aygulf, Agay, Saint Raphael, Cogolin, Théoule, Les adrets,

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The fixed cameras:

All our cameras intégrent leading sensors EFFID-E Sony resolutely minimum of 700 lines, embarked Detection of movement, regulation osd complete, night vision until 150

Métres, regulation to mirroir, contrast, neatness, tint, earnings(gain), lumiére, several available languages, privative Zones of masking.

The body of cameras is aluminum and of trés good factory and trés resistant in the bad weather.

camera de surveillance Cannes

alarme Nicealarme Villefranche sur Meralarme Cannesalarme protection Sain Tropez
Surveillance Saint TropezAlarme Saint Jean Cap Ferratalarme Eze sur meralarme camera Cannes

cameras Theoules sur Mer

The motorized cameras:

Cameras motorized by type(chap) dome shall allow you to see in 360 ° in the daytime and at night, to make more or less mattering zooms following the chosen model.

Detection of movement embarked, regulation osd complete, night vision until métres 150, regulation to mirroir, contrast, neatness, tint, earnings(gain), lumiére, several available languages.

Zoom of 25X in 35X time, available in tracking version (automatic camera follows the movements alone), Bum around of masking privative, entiérement pilotable at a distance(remotely)

alarme installation CannesCannes installation d'alarme

installation d'alarmealarme installation Sain Tropezalarme securite installation
protection villa par alarme

The video recorders:

To view cameras, you will need a DVR recorder which will get the signals sent by cameras to transform them into image, he will also allow you to register(record) the images

To be able to see again(revise) an older video sequence. You can also grace in this case acceder remote in your cameras and it all around the world since you will be provided with one

Internet connection, but also on everything typify of smartphone (iPhone, android etc.), You will have the possibility of connecting it several screens of controle, of scheduling(programming) prepositions for them there

Cameras, to determine sensitive(perceptible) zones, the systéme is capable of taking photos on detection of movement and to send them to you by e-mail or SMS on your Smart phone.

enregistreur d'alarme Cannes

The options:

To perfect your installation, a wide range of additional options is available as for example remote controls and joystics to pilot your motorized domes,

High-powered infrared boxes to increase the night vision, cards(maps) of aquisitions video to view your cameras directly on your computer, supports(media) of all kinds

To place your cameras or you wish it, tight boxes of protection to protect them. But also complete software of video surveillance allowing a sharp parametrage and one

Greater surveillance(supervision) of your installations.

Some complementary(additional) explanations:

Difference between an Analog systéme and a systéme IP:

The main difference between both systems is the way the signal is going to be passed on(transmitted). The analog cameras free(deliver) videos in a size(format) which can be visualized(displayed) on a simple

Television set, a digital recorder or on a computer equipped with a card(map) of acquisition. A camera IP, so known under the name of network camera, digitizes(scans) the signal by using one

Specialized encoder who contains an integrated(joined) Web server. It allows the camera IPd' to act as a network ring road(peripheral), so allowing to spread(broadcast) the images captured not only on one

Existing network, but also by means of a Web and thus accessible(approachable) browser via Internet.

The analog cameras and the camera IP can pass on(transmit) the wireless images or via wired connections (in every case, the camera must be fed electriquement). Certain advantage

Of one will be on drugs IP, is that by using the network cablings, you can use switches, routers(route planners), etc., and thus spread(widen) your multi-installation cameras by using the same cables.

The alarms:

In partnership with the mark(brand) GUARDALL, we install(settle) systémes of alarm complete with or wirelessly allowing to proteger each of the accés of your house or your premises, Guardall power plants can

To watch from 1 to 512 entrances(entries), they are shape in standard IN Rank 3, list(classify) II, 199 user codes, digital, vocal, SMS transmitter via module optional GSM or RTC, 32 partitions(scores), be put there

Service(Department) silent, with or without son(sons,thread). Possibility of remote management etc....

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