The safety officers:

Selected and accepted in our society using the following criteria:

- Introduction (Physics, held, language, behavior)

- Punctuality - Knowledge of basic trade

- Ability to react in various situations (filtering, support, conflict, fire safety)


The establishment of a Security Agent can be used in the following cases:

- Securing a public building

- private property, guarding usual site round dotted with recommended day

- Handrail, filtering input, unannounced 24 / 24 and 7 / 7

- Monitoring evening fluctuating workforce more or less important

- Implementation Team Leader, public device (filtering, search, strategic point radio communication system)

- Blocking access, risk management

- VIP Support: possible pre-equipped car hire (BMW) - Fire safety, SSIAP1, SSIAP2.

Handlers / driver agents Dog:

Submitted to the same selective criteria as Security Guards, the Master dogs must have a guard dog type: Malinois, German Shepherd-, Rottweilers, Pressa Canario, Akita Inu, Cane Corso , with a pedigree, insured, said the town hall, coached regularly on a field dressing and can thus meet the requirements to fulfill this function,

knowledge of details of the dog:

- Orders basics: holding a leash, sitting, lying, standing, not move with and without Master, denied bait, jumping, agility, report object.

- Safety: hit muzzled sternum with and without tether, restraint of the individual, flight of the individual, with individual weapons , support, etc.. ..., biting, costumes with power and excitement of the dog, set it several individuals, abseiling, jumping, weapons, etc.. ...

The establishment of a Master dog may be used in the following cases:

- Securing a public building

- private property, guarding usual site round with dotted recommended night as more of a deterrent

- Handrail, filtering entries, random testing 24/24 and 7 / 7

- Reinforcement evenings at risk

Blocking access. mediterranean Protection Society is a point of honor to respect of the following:

- Full compliance of wearing a work uniform : business cards, complete costume with mesh black t-shirt and sweater with the image of the company, safety shoes, flashlight, belt, lanyard, muzzle.

- unannounced control staff

- Punctuality

- Quick Response

- Professionalism

- Regular updating of administrative documents: ID card, vital record, vaccination of dogs

- Continuing staff

- Customer satisfaction

- Liability insurance

- Phone and car essential

- Application of existing laws

- 24/24 Customer Service

- Billing Service

- Local Professionals


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Siège social : Méditérranée Protection Sécurité, 2791 chemin Saint Bernard , 06220 VALLAURIS
TEL/FAX : 06 60 29 12 13 / 09 61 52 01 37 / /
SARL au capital de 1000 euros / RCS ANTIBES 522 229 921 / N° de gestion 2010 B 553 / Agrément: 06 SG609
L’autorisation administrative préalable ne confère aucun caractère officiel à l’entreprise ou aux personnes qui en bénéficient.
Elle n’engage en aucune manière la responsabilité des pouvoirs publics







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